Monday, April 27, 2015

Sri Swetha Varahar - Mysore style painting

Swetha Varaha murthy in srimushnam is described in SrimuShNamAhAtmya as follows : 
Swetavaraha appears there, having two hands and facing the west. He has kept both his hands on this waist. His snout is bent towards right side. The conch and the discus are hidden in his hands. His face is turned upwards. In the eastern side of the nithya pushkarini (sacred pond), there is a ashwattha vruksha (sacred fig tree). Hari taught vedas to all people under that tree. 

A close up picture depicting the details

The complete picture with the description written in grantha lipi below.
The panting depicts the nithya pushkarini , ashwattha vruksha and the shwetha varahar.
This painting is attempted in traditional mysore mural style. 

Here's the dhyAna text in dEvanAgari lipi
अथ श्वेतवराहध्यानम् । श्री मुष्णमाहात्म्य ।
श्वेतो वराहस्तत्रास्ते द्विभुजः पश्चिमामुखः।   कटिन्यस्तकरद्वन्द्वो दक्शिणावर्ततुण्डवान् ॥
करन्तर्गूढशङ्खारिरुन्नमय्य मुखं स्थितः ।  पुष्करिण्यास्तथाऽऽग्नेयां वर्तते पिप्पलद्रुमः ॥
वेदानध्यापयामास तन्मूले सकलान् हरिः । 

The same text has been written below the painting in grnatha lipi.