Krishna Swamy (aka) Guru Prasad is a Artist born and brought up in Srivaishnava family at Bangalore.

Art according to him is
"Devotional service inspired by divine expirience" 
"anubhava janitha prIti kArita kainkaryam" - a phrase from gadhyatrayam of SrI rAmAnujAcharya
Most of his arts are based on traditional hindu scriptures; Agamas, purAnAs, etc.

Secret of Good art according to him is
paying obeisance to preceptors and
listening to discourses on the rUpa-guNa-chEShTita (form,qualities and actrions/adventures) of devata which is subject of art.

For instance, the Sri Ranganatha painting was done listening to a discourse on Sriranga mahatmiyam.

Contemplative Art : 

  • Form(rUpa) of the Divine is considered a easy way to control our senses, concentrate and contemplate.
    rUpa is hailed as subhAshraya(सुभाश्रय) - a secure shelter for our senses.
  • Usually mantra used for contemplation is associated with a presiding deity described in a dhyana sloka (verse of contemplation) who is the subject of contemplation.
  • Most of these his sketches are based on forms described in dhyAna slOkas. Thus these arts are actually contemplation of a particular form of the Lord

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