Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2015 - Desktop Wallpaper - SriJayanthi - Srividya Rajagopalan

Here's a Desktop Wallpaper designed by me for Vedics Foundation - September 2015
September 2015 Wallpaper ( calendar dates corrected) - Sri Krishna Jayanthi Special - Rajamannargudi Srividya Rajagopalan. "Nammazhwar in his Thiruvaimozhi describes, "the desire of Lord to graze the cows in preference to His stay at Parampadam" in 10-3-10 as 'திவத்திலும் பசு நிரை மேய்ப்பு உவத்தி செங்கனி வாய் எங்கள் ஆயர் தேவே' ( திருவாய்மொழி 10-3-10) Translation : I see You relish grazing cows better than Your stay in Heaven. Meaning: We know your irresistible partiality for grazing the cows, an act you relish better than even staying in Heaven. Even on the yonder side of the Heaven, You will carry the pleasant memory of the pastures over here and utter, the commands to the cows 'diyo diyo' #Srivaishnava Wallpaper - For high quality wallpaper collection downloads, please visit