Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sriranganathar - Periya Perumal - temple mural - fresco painting

प्रपद्ये प्रणवाकारं भाष्यंरङ्गमिवापरं |
परस्य ब्रह्मणो यत्र शेषित्वं स्फुटमीक्षते ||
this sloka from Sri Bashyakara Sthuthi Slokam of Swamy Sudarsana Suri equates Sri Bashyam of Swamy Ramanuja to the Pranavakara Vimanam of Sri Rangam, Just like the Lord displays himself in Sri Rangam, similarly he reveals himself in Sri Bashyam with all his attributes. Thus this signifies the equality of Sri Bashyam to the Vimanam of Sri Rangam.
This art is inspired by murals at Srirangam Temple.

This is very trivial compared to the age old traditional murals. This is just an attempt to spread awareness about the murals which are in temple ruins.

Also I have used the Mysore style painting to finish off the mural painting.

Note : I haven't learnt Mysore or tanjore painting styles.
This is a Amature first painting. Comments and Feedbacks are welcome.


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