Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sketch for Book Cover

This krishna sketch of mine was used in the book

" Vennaikkaadum pillai "
By M A Venkatakrishnan swami

I sketched this kannan with ahobila mutt dolai kannan, and few other thirumALigai perumal as reference. The kannan is seen with navanEtam in right hand. He is elegantly posing standing on one leg,  I sketched this kannan a long back, I wanted to incorporate few significant features in the art:
they are, viz : 
  1. Srivatsam in thirumArbhu
  2. Kaustubham
  3. the mark of thAmbu kayaru - in his udaram. - signs of "Kanninun Siruthambinaal Kattunna Panniya" charitram
  4. also typical peacock feather - mayura pincha
Sri M A Venkatakrishnan swami released a book "Vennaikku Aadum Pillai". Here are more information about the book.

"Vennaikku aadum pillai – A tamil book written by Geethacharyan Sri U.Ve. MA Venkatakrishnan Swamy on Krishna & his vennai (butter) anubhavam as described by various Aazhwars in Prabhandams. The 180 page book with attractive pics of various postures of Lord Krishna and Krishna kshetra Emperumans is priced at just 100 rupees. Limited copies available. Grab your copy immediately. For details contact – 94449 84087. "

This art was used in the book cover. And here is a image of the same.