Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bookmark Design

This is a Bookmark designed for Braj Mandir, Nimbarki Vaishnava Temple, Holbrook, MA

Sri Radha Bhakti is a non-profit religious organization which seeks to serve you through loving devotional service. We welcome you in serving alongside us as well! Join us at: Braj Mandir Nimbarki Vaisnava Temple 711 South Franklin Street Holbrook, MA 02343
You can find more information about Braj Mandir at 

On a particular event I was requested to make a bookmark which can help in spreading information about the temple. This is the design i made.

This request came up after the seeing the bookmark designed for Vedics Foundation (vedics.org)

"Vedics Foundation", is a non-profit organization registered in the united states. It was formed by a few motivated youngsters in the year 1999 under the able guidance of Srivaishnava elders and Acharyas. The main purpose of Vedics is to preserve, propagate and promote the various aspects of Srivaishnava Sri Ramanuja sampradayam and to spark a movement behind our religion, and to channel the energy of all interested people towards a common cause.